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ECU Remapping / Diesel Tuning / DPF Removal / EGR Deletion

Dieselkits: We use industry standard ECU tuning tools

Add PowerAdd Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque

Save MoneyLower Fuel Costs And Save Around 60-80 Miles A Tank

Remove ErrorsRemove DPF, EGR & All Other Engine Management Dashboard Errors

D I E S E L K I T S Book an expert engine specialist nationwide

Trusted TechnologyOur trained experts use up-to-date tools and know-how to transform your vehicle offering massive increases in engine power, torque and fuel savings.

Remap or Tuning Box? All of our tuning solutions are tested to ensure they meet the highest of standards. The choice between a remap or a tuning box is down to you.

Installers NationwideGet a complete custom engine tune through one of our qualified engine tuning specialists nationwide. Fully trained & qualified you'll be in good hands.

OVER 6000 VEHICLES LISTED What could your vehicle achieve?

D I E S E L K I T S Cutting edge tuning technology

ECU remapping & engine tuning industry experts

We are the country’s best rated product for high quality custom ECU software & suv engine tuning. Speak to our engine tuning specialists right away: 01282 505082

Our disciplined chip tuning gurus have the experienced ability, to ultimately change the overall performance and economy of your vehicle’s engine. The engine tuning software and tools we use will smartly remap your car, bike or truck for more bhp, power and enhanced fuel economy. Give us a dial today to learn what past consumers have had to state about our engine tuning programs. Ring us now on 01282 505082.

  • Up to 35% INCREASED Power & BHP
  • Up to 25% INCREASED Fuel Efficiency
  • A Definite Increase in Driving

Quality Car ECU remapping | Diesel ECU tuning | Increased Engine Power | Improved Pulling Power | Quicker Acceleration | Reduce Fuel Costs | Modified Economy… Our ecu tuning products offers high quality tuning results!

DieselKITS are a dedicated engine tuning supplier. Our engine tuning system is protected by some of the best remapping providers in Europe. Our pride lays in the FACT that none of our tuning files are generic or purchased on the web. All our remaps are custom-tuned individually for your specific ECU Engine Control Unit.

DieselKits are the top choice for top quality tuning for your vehicle or van.

We have a team of fully commited tuning and remap professionals who physically tailor each map to the specified needs of you and your car and remember all of our ecu tuning remaps are tested on our state of the art rolling-road.

ECU Programming/Remap

ECU remapping is a method involving taking info from the engine control unit processing chip and then changing various ranges such as fuel pressure, boost pressure and throttle pedal control, amongst others to remodel the way the engine runs.

As standard all auto makers of new motors will take into account different particulars such as driving conditions, fuel quality and the region in which they want to sell the model. This means they build the engine using standardised settings in the way the vehicle will perform in all markets. By ecu tuning your vehicle we will rewrite the vehicles standard engine software to safely gain more power and torque. This gives increased driveability and the added bonus of enhanced fuel economy on diesel engines.

DPF/EGR Error Removal

Most recent diesel vehicles often develop problems with their DPF Particulate filter and EGR valves. Both the DPF and valves can become clogged with carbon remains, resulting in them to fail, thereby causing various engine management problems forcing the vehicle into a dip in output and often limp mode. We can use our methods to turn off both the DPF & the EGR valve. A hassle-free and effective way of improving the efficacy of your engine and saving you in tens of thousands of pounds in repair costs. Our EGR solution results in lessened engine conditions, modified throttle response and economy and will also expand engine life by decreasing oil contamination and carbon deposits.

Economy Chip Tuning

Our economy remap is effective by escalating the capabilities and power of the engine, helping the engine work less hard, in any given event. Dropped throttle load and the ability to be in higher gears earlier and for lengthier results in marked fuel effectiveness gains.

Typically our customers can see an 8-10% improvements on most diesel vehicles. Great for fleets too where the savings really count.

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