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ECU Remapping / Diesel Tuning / DPF Removal / EGR Deletion

Dieselkits: We use industry standard ECU tuning tools

Add PowerAdd Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque

Save MoneyLower Fuel Costs And Save Around 60-80 Miles A Tank

Remove ErrorsRemove DPF, EGR & All Other Engine Management Dashboard Errors

D I E S E L K I T S Book an expert engine specialist nationwide

Trusted TechnologyOur trained experts use up-to-date tools and know-how to transform your vehicle offering massive increases in engine power, torque and fuel savings.

Remap or Tuning Box? All of our tuning solutions are tested to ensure they meet the highest of standards. The choice between a remap or a tuning box is down to you.

Installers NationwideGet a complete custom engine tune through one of our qualified engine tuning specialists nationwide. Fully trained & qualified you'll be in good hands.

OVER 6000 VEHICLES LISTED What could your vehicle achieve?

D I E S E L K I T S Cutting edge tuning technology

Diesel Engine Remapping , TDI Tuning & Diesel Chip Tuning: Our recommended alternative to a Diesel Tuning Box!

Transform your Diesel Car Tuning Performance and Power without the need of any physical changes! Let ‘s top diesel remappers transform your turbo diesel vehicle today! If you’re unsure and want to see whether we can back up what we’re saying, please check our Diesel Tuning Chip Reviews and read all about what our customers are saying about us.

Performance Diesel Chip Tuning & Diesel ECU Remapping Gains

Should I remap my diesel? YES! You definitely should! And to find out why, you should carry on reading. You could also check the Diesel ECU Remapping stats for your car.

Once Tuning Box carry out diesel chip tuning on your diesel car you will see the following enhancements:

  • Increased Power
  • Increased Torque
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • Power Flat Spots Eliminated
  • Effortless Power Transfer
  • Enhanced & Efficient Driving

Diesel Performance DieselKits on 01282 505 000 for Performance Diesel Remapping, Diesel Chip Tuning and Diesel ECU Remapping.

Performance Diesel Remapping Experts can tune any diesel car, be it a turbo-diesel or non-turbo diesel car. Book in today for BHP Engine Remapping!

For a long time, diesel vehicles and the fuel itself, was regarded only as something that would be used in trucks, lorries and tractors. Nowadays, this concept seems like an eternity ago. With the advances that have been made within the ‘diesel fuel technology’ market, no-one considers a diesel tuning vehicle to be anything less or inferior to it’s petrol counterpart. DieselKits have remaps to suit all styles of driving and all types of drivers! Whether you own a turbo diesel car or vehicle, or a non-turbo diesel vehicle, we can still help. The maps we write always have the right balance for your driving and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it will make! Remapping a diesel vehicle through the ECU will normally show the greatest achievements of any engine type. This is more true for turbo diesel engines. In a turbo diesel engine you will normally gain an enhanced increase of between 25-45% in power (bhp) and anywhere between a 50-75% increase in torque (nm).

Diesel Remap Tuning Solutions by Diesel ECU Remapping Experts can be used for fuel economy tuning or Performance Tuning or a mixture or both.

This is also down to engine specification. Your vehicle’s engine response will vastly improve in all gears and throughout the whole rev range. Diesel engines have always been known for having large amounts of torque and high gear performance. That said, a modern turbo diesel engine that has been remapped should easily keep up with, and quite possibly, humiliate many petrol engine vehicles, in normal driving conditions. With all the extra power, we match the increase in boost with modified fuelling, torque delivery and improved throttle control.

So basically, once remapped, ultimate engine power and maximum torque will arrive sooner in your diesel engine then a normal, standard engine that hasn’t been remapped or tuned. With a remapped diesel engine, high engine revs are unwarranted because the engine will produce the same high output at a lower rpm. The average driver uses the mid rev range, so will definitely see an improvement in economy (MPG) and engine flexibility (gear changes, accelerating to overtake).

How is Diesel ECU Remapping done? And how can Diesel DieselKits help make my diesel car more powerful and lower my fuel bills at the same time?

This is where you will best see the practicality and advantage of Diesel ECU Remapping. At DieselKits, we don’t remap ECU software by just ‘turning up the boost’, for us, it means a bit more then that! With our highly priced and state of the art hardware and software to match, what we do is done by highly skilled engineers and technicians who understand these things as much as, or in some cases, more than, the guys who made them. Our optimised maps are always within the vehicle engine’s limits, so there is no issue of the remap affecting the life and reliability of the engine. Here at Diesel ECU Remapping Experts, we boast some of the most expert and specialist re maps for hybrid turbo vehicles and vehicles that have been fitted with a larger turbo (turbo conversion). Give us a call now to speak to a Diesel Chip Tuning Engineer for any info or advice that you haven’t been able to find on the site. Our engineers are the best in the business and possess all the knowledge needed for expert ecu tuning and remapping.

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